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Rooted Visions

Cultivate your vision for inspired action from your

rooted values and embodied wisdom

The Rooted Vision work is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You're a community leader, visionary, creative, cultural worker or wellness practitioner questioning the oppressive capitalist-supremacist rat race and know another way is possible, one that is grounded in natural wisdom and liberation for ALL

  • You yearn to embody your values more boldly & stand up for what's right in your work and personal life

  • You feel scattered, confused or lost in the current sociopolitical moment & need to reconnect to your most sacred "why"

  • You want to make and impact AND a livelihood through your work without burning out

  • You have a beautiful dream for this world and lots of good ideas, but need a grounded plan for HOW

  • You need support from a trusted community of creative thinkers

Root deep to stand tall, reach wide and bear fruits of an aligned
life & livelihood.

Current & Upcoming Offerings

Yes, that's me! How can the Rooted Vision work help?

Ok, but what exactly will we be doing?

I want to learn more!

Will this help me grow my business, organization or projects?
I need to make a living...

Yes, yes, and yes! Bring your ideas, your questions, concerns and challenges. Aside from the powerful internal work, we will get specific and strategic.

I come from a marginalized identity. Will there be people like me? Is this group safe for me?

What if I can't afford the group? Are there scholarships?

Folks with marginalized identities, including low-income, and disabled folks may request a scholarship, please email with your name and your request.

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