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Choose Your Transformation

Find one that works for you

  • 1 Season of Change

    A coaching package with 1-on-1 sessions, self-guided ed & text support
    Valid for 3 months
    • Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions
    • Full Online Course Suite (Includes 4 courses!)
    • Depths & Dreams Journal
    • Liberatory Care Coloring Book
    • Voxer/WhatsApp Support 10am-5pm CST 5 days/week
    • Discounts on additional sessions and workshops
  • 2 Seasons of Change

    A coaching package with six 1-on-1 sessions, self-guided ed & text support
    Valid for 6 months
    • Six 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
    • Full Online Course Suite (Includes 4 courses!)
    • Liberatory Care Coloring Book
    • Depths & Dreams Journal
    • Voxer/WhatsApp Support 10am-5pm CST, M-F
    • Discounted additional sessions & workshops
  • 4 Seasons of Change

    1 full sun cycle of transformation including twelve 1-on-1 sessions, self-guided ed, text support & more
    Valid for one year
    • Twelve 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
    • Empathic Self-Knowing 4-Part Course
    • Awakening Change Creator's Field Guide 4-Season Course
    • Including Queer People in Your Community Intro Course
    • Art for Change Creators Couse Series
    • Liberatory Care Coloring Book
    • Depths & Dreams Journal
    • Voxer/WhatsApp Support 10am-5pm CST, M-F
    • Discounted Additional 1-on-1 Sessions & Workshops

1-on-1 Coaching Packages

Find a 1-on-1 coaching package that works for you. All 1-on-1 sessions are customized to your needs. 

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What is coaching?

Do you have a dream that you long to take action on and just haven't quite been able to embody it yet? How would your experience be different if you were on a steady path forward into the dream you have for your life and your community? Coaching is a collaborative container for personal exploration whereby you are encouraged to explore your dreams, and transform your thoughts and beliefs towards inspired actions. We work together to create an actionable plan that helps you achieve your vision. Please keep in mind that coaching is not a substitute for therapy.

Why coaching?

People come to coaching after therapy, or in tandem with a therapeutic process when a change is needed and you believe that you need support through the process of change. Coaching is a stand in when other mentorships, care providers, family members or supervisors are either not available or not within the scope of your needs. With Liberty's specialized training and extensive breadth of skills and experience, we can address long-standing issues, thought patterns, habits and activate dreams for your life that other practices or resources have failed to address.

How is this style of coaching different than others?

Liberty engages in transformational coaching, which is intended to transform thoughts and beliefs that make taking action easier. This process is informed by Liberty's work in liberatory community depth psychology, which operates from an awareness of individual and collective trauma and systemic oppression. Liberty also incorporates wisdom of natural cycles and seasons, as well as psychosomatic practices that engage your awareness in your body and real-time experience through your sensations. A liberatory community depth approach, which is informed by indigenous and ecopsychologies, allows your individual experience to come fully into the room, including knowledge that might otherwise be seen as superfluous in a Western context, such as dreams, divinatory practices, altered state experiences and interactions with the spirit and the divine.

What can I expect from the coaching experience?

Liberty is unfortunately aware of how variable and unreliable the coaching industry is at this time. Therefore, Liberty strives to be as transparent and collaborative as possible in their approach, so that you can build trust in the process and relax into your transformation. Trust and good communication are the foundations for an excellent coaching relationship.


After purchasing your package, you will receive a series of emails that include links to book 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions and access the many perks of your package. Don't worry, though. If you do not understand how to access something, Liberty is available by text and email to support you through the process. That's one of the awesome things about coaching with Liberty. You don't just get a few sessions. You get accompaniment through your process, so you can move through issues to take action without getting hung up on small things.

1-on-1 sessions are 60-75 minutes long (we build in some flexibility), and start by reviewing what action you have taken, what challenges you faced and what success you are celebrating. Then, we choose a goal for the session based on where you are, and proceed to dive into the issue that is most important to you that week. After addressing the issue through any number of coaching tools (coaching conversations, guided visualizations, creative exercises, movement, breathing, etc.), we will collaborate to design actions for you to take. You will always be in control of the process and have choice in how you take action.

Do you offer payment plans or discounts?

At this time, we do not offer payment plans for coaching packages through the website. We strive to embody the value of equitable business practices, and therefore set our prices and processes to achieve that. We know that not everyone can afford to pay the cost of coaching up front. If this is the situation you are in, please book a free call to discuss your options.

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