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Root into your ALIVENESS and cultivate

inspired & embodied visions for growth

The world needs leaders and change makers connected to yourself, your vision, your nourishment and your full aliveness, such that you can show up in your power for your community.​

The Rooted Vision Cultivator assumes that:

  • You are an innately creative organic being who is part of cycles and seasons of change.

  • We are interdependent, and your vision for liberation and creative flourishing is a vital part of a larger collective dream.

  • Our positionalities and ancestral trauma/genius are unique, as is our work towards liberation and creative flourishing.

  • When we get connected to our roots - our bodies & inherent wisdom, our values, the earth, our dreams and our pain, we open new possibilities for creative flourishing.

  • A part of moving from a culture of extraction/domination/oppression into a culture of collective nourishment and creative flourishing will require us to divest from ways that we exploit ourselves and get boldly creative in imagining new ways of being.

I have spent the past decade learning from powerful somatic healers, anti-oppression facilitators, coaches and non-human guides, the trees, to connect to my vision and power as a change maker, and move through the depths to embody more aliveness in the process.

Root deep to stand tall,
reach wide and bear fruits of an aligned life & livelihood.

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And I want that for you, too!

The Rooted Vision Cultivator is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You're a community leader, visionary, creative, cultural worker or wellness practitioner questioning the oppressive capitalist-supremacist rat race and have hope that another way is possible, one grounded in earth's wisdom and liberation for ALL

  • You yearn to embody your vision and values more boldly, standing up for what's right in your work and personal life

  • You feel scattered, confused or lost in the current sociopolitical moment & need to reconnect to your most sacred "why"

  • You want to make and impact AND a livelihood through your work without burning out

  • You have a beautiful dream for this world and lots of good ideas, but need a grounded plan for HOW

  • You need support from a trusted community of creative thinkers

Yes, that's me!
How can the Rooted Vision Cultivator help me to bloom this spring?

Ok, but what exactly will we be doing?

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Click to watch reel about seeking council from our guides ^

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What is included in my registration?

  • 8 consecutive weeks of live group sessions with up to 12 participants (max 8 in-person)

  • One 30 minute 1-on-1 intention setting call with Liberty

  • Discounted 1-on-1 Sessions and Packages

  • Bonus online Self-Guided course: Awakening Change Creator's Field Guide

    • This self-guided 4 season course is replete with skill-building exercises, creative tools for processing internal blocks, frameworks for understanding systemic oppression and avenues for societal change. 

  • Attend two CONNECTed Ecstatic Dances (hybrid!)

Live Sessions - Virtual

Dates for Spring Cohort

Live Sessions: Currently in session

Wednesdays 10 - 11:30am CST 

Optional Ecstatic Dances:

Dates are passed

Registration Details


Registration closed

Sliding scale: $300 - $400

Be aware when registering that this there are very limited Community Supported spaces in this group, and that level will be eliminated when spots are full. Please book at the Community Supported level if you are in need of support for financial access at this time and please reach out with any questions.

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours weekly for live sessions, 30 minute 1-on-1 Intention Setting Call, 1 hour of solo activities, including land connection, reflection and follow-up. The optional ecstatic dances are 2 hours and online material engagement has a wide range of possible time commitment.

Registration Prerequisite: A basic understanding of systems of oppression, unconscious bias, white supremacy culture, including racism and transphobia. Participants need not be "woke" experts, but do need to have given some thought to these topics and how they pertain to one's positionality as we endeavor to hold compassion for a diversity of experiences.

Your Facilitator

Liberty Gonzalez, M.A. (They/Them)

Ok, I want in!

Will this help me grow my business, organization or projects?
I need to make a living...

Yes, yes, and yes! First off, getting more aligned in yourself, with your aliveness and your visions for creative flourishing and liberation are integral to making a living that feeds you physically and spiritually. Aside from the powerful internal work, we will get specific and strategic. Bring your ideas, your questions, concerns and challenges. If you need more intensive workshopping of your ideas and strategies, your program discount gains you access to a variety of 1-on-1 containers where we can get into it.

I come from a marginalized identity. Will there be people like me? Is this group safe for me?

What if I can't afford the group? Are there scholarships?

Folks with marginalized identities, including low-income, and disabled folks may request a scholarship, please email with your name and your request.

Ok, now I want in.

Still have questions? Let's Chat.

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