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Empathic Self-Knowing


This 4-part self-guided course series covers tools & techniques to connect to your feelings and take responsibility for your holistic spectrum of needs, empathic tools that you can use to ground yourself in present relationship with others and take action towards your thriving. You will be guided through: A view of holistic wellbeing that includes your community & unlearns toxic individuality Meditations to focus the mind and sensitize you to what is arising in your bodily sensations Lessons and exercises to attune you and translate judgements and stories into your own feelings and needs, empathic tools that can be extended into your relationships (drawing from Non-Violent Communication) Exercises to embrace the holistic view of your satisfaction with various important parts of your life Designing S.M.A.R.T. goals that you V.I.B.E with To craft a self-and-community care plan for use in your daily practice of wellbeing Course Bonuses 24/7 lifetime access to the course material Special discounts on other Awakening Creatives courses, coaching & publications Supplementary materials and links to additional resources

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