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Connection is a key ingredient of liberatory change inside and out

Community psychologist, coach and facilitator, Liberty Gonzalez and the Awakening Creatives team strive to support change makers, healers,  organizations and leaders through coaching, consulting & education.

My time spent with Liberty was deeply inviting and surrounded with space. They intuitively navigate time together to create a session where you can walk away with new and deeper acceptance or knowledge. We shared a lot in common, and I felt very seen by Liberty in a way that I do not often. They have a deep well of offerings to tailor the time to what you need and want, and it is very moving to have someone bring a new exercise into the healing space and walk you through it based on what they hear. Liberty took time to listen and adjust their approach, and it was always a co-created space.

- Alex D.

Through my coaching session with Liberty, I was able to access my desires. After a lifetime of putting other people first, this has been really powerful for me. Liberty is kind, caring, and encouraging, helping me to set concrete next steps to make my vision a reality.

- Mariah S.

Liberty engaged our organization with kindness and a nonjudgmental, grounded presence that modeled for us a new approach to being direct with one another while staying in connection. They taught us incredibly valuable theory and practical skills in really listening to one another. The members of our organization were able to connect with each other in a deeper way than we had before this training, and we are so grateful!

- Sophia Rising

Meet Liberty

Certified Coach, Facilitator &

Liberatory Community Depth Psychologist

If you're here, you must be curious about how to create a more connective, liberatory & equitable experience for you and your community. 

Hi, I’m Liberty Gonzalez (They/Them), and since I founded Awakening Creatives LLC in 2014, I’ve been passionate about supporting individuals and groups to co-create liberation and thriving in their communities.

Awakening Creatives a queer led company that engages in co-liberation with change creators working to birth a world that is free from oppression such that individuals and communities can freely express their innate creativity.


The Awakening Creatives team strives to support non-profits, businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, activists and cultural healers to embody an aligned life and livelihood and take purposeful action towards the change you want to be in the world.

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What We Focus On

To support you in embodying your visions, we coach, consult and facilitate learning with people to create more humanizing relationships, equitable communities and to full embody your values.

Queer Thriving

& Liberation

Creative & Rooted Vision Cultivation

Embodying Natural Wisdom

Communication & Facilitation That Connects

Community Connection & Equity Projects

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    A free 30 minute consultation to clarify your goals and a coaching pla...

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    An hour session focused on moving through challenges towards your goal...

    1 hr

    148 US dollars
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    This is time for pre-established projects or conversations

    1 hr

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    3 hours of focused reflection, exercises & strategy to craft a values-...

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  • Available Online

    Align your life and livelihood to your values and take action as a com...


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    From 24 US dollars

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