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Liberatory Care
Winter Cohort

A 6-week cohort to create rhythms of care that deeply nourish yourself & your community

Self-Care is only as good as its contribution to your liberation

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Info Session

Both Liberation and so-called "self-care" are very personal, based in our lived experiences, our ancestors, our positionalities and our dreams for our lives and our communities. 

The self-care industry has failed. While the industry markets bubble baths and spa days, many of the pressures that impact our holistic wellbeing are systemic and beyond the individual. One of the biggest indicators of wellbeing, for example, is CONNECTION. Beyond this, we face multiple intersecting crises in our society that call many of us to action for our own liberation, yet simultaneously impact our wellbeing deeply on any given day... so, where's the balance?


As community care workers, leaders, visionaries and change makers, the care that sets us free may not be what we've been sold as "self-care."


This cohort will challenge us to unpack ideas around self-care and community-care, examine old patterns, and create rhythms of care that tend to all parts of ourselves without isolating into individuality or burnout.

This cohort is for you if you...

Winter Scenery

In this cohort we will...


Do I get 1-on-1 coaching with this group?

In each session, you will have an opportunity to share your process and receive feedback. This is not, however, a 1-on-1 session. You will be in circle with a small community of others. If you need additional support to go deeper, please book a 1-on-1 session with your discount code.

Will this help me grow my business, organization or projects?
I need to make a living...

Care will inevitably have enhance your ability to connect to the work that truly nourishes you. While we recognize that business and financial success play a significant role in wellbeing, if you already know that is where you need to focus, go see the Rooted Vision Cultivator.

I come from a marginalized identity. Will there be people like me? Is this group safe for me?

What if I can't afford the group? Are there scholarships?

Folks with marginalized identities, including low-income, and disabled folks may request a scholarship, please email with your name and your request.

Ok, now I'm ready.

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