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Professional organizing & coaching services!

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in your space or with the process of organizing?

The truth is that the average person wastes energy, time and money every day being frustrated looking for things and buying things that are already hidden somewhere in the space.

Flow seamlessly through your space:

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Benefits of liberating your space:

  • Feel more clear and spacious in your space and self

  • More time focusing on the things that bring you joy

  • Lower stress levels

  • Less frustration and time wasted locating things

  • More energy and attention available to create your life

What does Liberty do?

  • Help you asses what you want and need in your space.

  • Help you explore what you need to release physically (organizing) and emotionally (coaching) to live in the space you want. Coaching, however, is not required to organize and create a beautiful, tidy space.

  • Support you in designing an action plan to create your space.

  • Depending on the project, actions could include sorting, selling, donating or discarding items, designing or purchasing storage solutions, moving furniture or decor, and arranging the space to be conducive to your creative life process.

The process…

  1. Call/text (314-325-2315) or email Liberty if you want an initial contact before booking an in-home consultation.

  2. Book a consultation: 1 hour in-home tour, brainstorming, and preliminary plan of action. You will receive a consultation form with recommendations and estimates.

  3. Book your first appointment. Depending on your project, you may choose to buy hourly appointments or a package. View Services and Fees here.

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Refer a friend: They get their consultation FREE and you BOTH get 1 hour of organizing FREE!

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Click to view Home Advisor profile

Before and Afters


This client was thrilled to get her car back into her garage! After sorting, discarding and a generative garage sale, this client ended this project with a tidy, functional garage AND recovered some of her organizing costs!


This closet that started out as a cluttered mess got a total redesign, maximizing the storage space by repurposing existing shelf panels to construct new shelves. This project only took 3 hours and completely transformed the space. Now there is twice as much storage space and you can actually walk into the closet!


Would you believe that this is the same room? What was once an overwhelming mess and hazard is now a beautiful and functional storage room in just a matter of sessions.



Liberty is very easy to work with. No judgement, just positive affirmations. I was able to clear my entire garage and get my car into it! I’m thrilled, and will work with her again on another project.
— Janet W.
Liberty always provides creative solutions when helping in organizing projects, I highly recommend to anyone having trouble getting their life organized! On top of being efficient, Liberty Is a lovely person to have assisting you in the awkward transition of getting organized.
— Anonymous
Liberty is a delight to work with , a self directed and efficient worker. PLUS. Liberty is the sweetest, always ready with a smile and true get it done attitude
— Amanda S.