I'm excited to announce an offering starting this Fall, 2018:

Community Vision Coaching Cohort!

A season of group work: Grow your vision of the community you've been dreaming of!

Together we will...

     -Identify, honor & move past limits

     -Explore your Dream of Community

     -Practice group connection skills

     -Craft your Vision Statement

     -Take inspired action

             8 Group Coaching sessions

             8 optional support calls

             1 individual Coaching session

There are 2 cohort being offered:

     -Portland-based (starts September 6th, Registration Deadline August 31st )

     -All-online (Starts September 19th, Registration Deadline September 14th)

Community Vision Coaching Cohort Cut.jpg

Both cohorts are wonderful opportunities for folks who are in the early stages of community creation (whatever community may look and feel like to you). We will explore your dreams and desires as well as move beyond blocks that have kept you in old patterns of relation. You will get clear about your core values, what you really want in a community and take tangible actions to creating the experience of it in your life. You will leave the cohort with a working vision statement that you can take into your community building process and beyond!

For more information and to register, please visit the home page

I look forward to growing with you!