Hopelessness is an old friend. You know that feeling when everything you've been working so hard for get interrupted, put on hold, or it seems like you're taking a step backwards. THIS IS A VITAL MOMENT to slow down and give yourself compassion. It's so easy to fall into the trap of believing that this moment is an omen for things to come. IT IS NOT. This is a normal step in the creative process. Creativity and productivity ebb and flow. It is a natural flow of all life. We must all grow, rest and repeat. 

Sometimes when I get anxious about getting things done I push too hard and burn myself out. This is common, but not necessary. I need regular reminders to take rests, get up from long sitting hours and stretch, take a still moment from running around and appreciate the present moment. That is all there is, really. And when hopelessness sets in, I greet it like the old friend it is, let it be what it is but I don't let it integrate into my identity, my ideas about myself. 

When I invest in this process, I am chipping away at the entrenched neural pathways in my brain, transforming old core beliefs into new life-affirming (and therefore dream-affirming) processes. This is inherently a gift to the world because as we positively transform ourselves, more and more of our creative and empathic power is available to the world. The world needs us to be in our niches and our power as a collective to positively transform it for everyone.