Often the talk about creativity is as if it were something reserved for fine artists and innovators, an exclusive talent available only to the privileged few. I'd like to propose that each and every sentient being has access to and is ALREADY utilizing creativity... that creativity is at the core of all biological life and inorganic phenomena alike.

Jaclyn, Etsy: JaclynsStudio

Jaclyn, Etsy: JaclynsStudio

What do I mean? I mean that for all the theories that exist for what creativity is and is not, I argue that creativity, or the phenomenon of something novel and of value coming into being, is the primary function of the universe. It is simply the cultural lens that we are looking through which determines the "value" of said novel thing.

It is also up for debate as to whether something is "novel" or not. What makes something novel? How different must the thing be from the last thing. Even units produced in a factory to seemingly identical specifications vary and produce mutations at an atomic level. Every particle of matter is unique in its position and behavior at any given moment. So in essence, anything that comes into being is a product of creativity. This is my theoretical proposition. 

Bryce Canyon, geological phenomena. Photo credit Liberty, 2016

Bryce Canyon, geological phenomena. Photo credit Liberty, 2016

Science and religion both have their theories on how and why this is. I am less interested in why or how something comes into being and more how to work with these mysteries within each of us to produce results that we can celebrate, even if that result is simply a feeling or an experience. That, I believe, is incredible creative accomplishment. 

So then, how come some products of creativity are valued higher than others? A simple answer would be "diversity of perception," but that is an incomplete answer. To be more specific, if the novel creative output serves to meet a need, then it is valued higher than something that is not. It doesn't necessarily mean that the product of lesser perceived value is not creative. It also doesn't mean that it isn't valuable.

I believe that the value of a creative output is very relative to the context in which it comes into being. For example, if you were an artist born to a family of lawyers or doctors who found art to be useless, your creativity may have been undervalued, whereas if you were born to a family of mediocre artists and had any ounce of success in your practice, you might be celebrated and revered. 

And your life itself is a Master Artwork. Every breath you take, every move you make is a creative decision, conscious or unconscious. Even if it seems that some major subjects and settings have been placed on the canvas of your life, you get to choose the the medium, the color palate and the the time frame in which you will approach your next brush stroke, the next decision, the next change.

It is my quest and duty as a Holistic Creative Life Coach to celebrate and recognize the creativity that emerges from each of my clients, from each moment that we are alive. Life is an ultimate expression of creative mysteries at work and within each of us in a whole universe of creative potential to explore. 

So how do we move from making unconscious to conscious creative decisions for our lives? That is the question at the root of every service and program I administer. Not only how do we make more conscious decisions, but how do we do it with ease, joy, magic and freedom that children do in their imaginative play. 

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May you all be well and present with your creative process. 

~May all beings live expressively~