Pacifica Fundraiser Gifts

Explore the gifts that you could get for your donation to Liberty's fundraiser.  Fill out the form at the bottom to order your gifts or propose a new one!


For any donor in the Portland area:

A prayer plant for you to be in relationship with! Precious, beautiful, and good for your health.


For donations $25 and less:

Handmade, 100% recycled paper greeting cards! For this gift you may choose up to 3 designs, the birds, bamboo and/or trillium. 

Prayer garden photo.jpg
Prayers for Nature Greetings Cards.jpg

For donations $25+:

Custom art piece with your theme and specifications. 

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For donations $100+:

Home organization and life simplification consultation. Let's strategize ways to transform your home into the spacious oasis you've been dreaming of. 


For donations $100+:

Outcall massage with Dakota G. LMT (LMT #22331)Dakota is a wizard with his hands and will both bring his massage table to your house and give you an unforgettable massage. He specializes in modalities such as myofascial release, Chinese Reflexology, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, acupressure and reiki. Well worth it!

This is only available to people in the Portland area and there are a limited number of these gifts, so act quick!

Dakota G. LMT pic logo.jpg

For donations $150+:

Custom song! Name your theme or occasion and Liberty will gift you with an original song recording (mp3) to which you'll own all of the rights!

Lib musician Character.jpg

For donations $200+: 

Life Coaching Session with Liberty! Whatever issue is coming up for you, whatever is getting in the way of you being your fullest self, let's talk it through and transform it. 

My Dragon and Me.jpg

For donations $250+:

Consultation or Mentorship: Whatever your situation, whether it be related to community organizing, activism, equity/diversity/inclusion, institutional equity, compassionate communication, group dynamics/facilitation, conflict transformation, land-based community, homesteading, land stewardship, home organizing, design and aesthetics, art projects, creative process, voice cultivation, I can support you in your process. Depending on your needs and donation level, this gift could serve you over multiple sessions. 


For donations $500+:

Combine any 2 of the above gift types!


For donations $1000+:

Combine any 4 of the above gift types!


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Thank you so much for your support!