Empathic Communication 4-Week Series 

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Get in contact to schedule your 4-week course.

Minimum 3 students.

The world is calling us to bring more empathy into your relationships in 2019. In this 4-week series we will polish our skills for connecting to ourselves and others through empathic communication. We will learn skills for:

-self empathy
-giving and receiving empathy
-deep listening 
-communicating across difference

This is a wonderful group to bring your friends, partner or family as we will be practicing together in pairs and small groups. Start transforming your communication into a more life-serving and connection-fostering practice!

We will meet on Mondays in March from 6:30pm-9pm at the Center for Divine Love (Tower Grove area).

Registration and group container: 
- Early Bird registration ($90) ends on 2/18/19.
- The regular registration fee of $120 covers the cost of attendance and materials. 
- Registration will close on Friday, March 1st. All payments must be made in advance at the link below.
-Contact in advance for cash or check payments.

All are welcome (including children over 9 years, exceptions can apply). 
Healers, mental health professionals and emotional caretakers get 50% off registration with code COMMUNITY50! All registrants can invite friends for 25% off with code FRIEND25.

Register at https://awakeningcreatives.as.me/Empathic-Communication-for…

*Since this takes place during dinner time, please come prepared with a full belly or snacks so that you are comfortable.