Get in contact to schedule a 2-hour introductory workshop in your community.

The world is calling us to bring more empathy into your relationships in 2019. In this 2-hour workshop we will polish our skills for connecting to ourselves and others through empathic communication. We will overview skills for:

-self empathy
-giving and receiving empathy
-deep listening
-communicating across difference

This is a wonderful group to bring your friends, partner or family as we will be practicing together in pairs and small groups. Start transforming your communication into a more life-serving and connection-fostering practice!

We will meet on Saturday March 9th from 11am-1pm at the Bliss Center, 10000 Watson Rd. St. Louis, MO.

Registration and group container:
- $15 covers the cost of registration and materials
- Couples/pairs/friends/two folks for $20 (Code "COUPLE" when registering).
- Register in advance or pay cash at the door
- Please arrive on time. We will close the container 15 minutes after the start.

All are welcome (including children over 9 years, exceptions can apply). This is an overview course that acts as a preview to the longer day-long and 4-week courses of the same material.