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Learn with Liberty at CONNECT

Cultivate Connection to Self, Others & Your Creative Life

At CONNECT Community Center for Wellbeing, Liberty and Awakening Creatives offer a variety of personal and communal connection cultivation spaces.


- Wednesdays -

5:30pm Holistic Creative Coaching Group (Every other week)
For creative change makers to get support embodying their values and visions for an aligned life and livelihood. 1-on-1 appointments available Wednesday - Friday.

7pm Yin Yoga - Let it all go in this slow, intentional deep stretching practice. Yin is the balancing energy to the active yang energy. With personal and organizational transformation, we often spend a lot of time in the yang mode, thinking, strategizing, communicating and doing. Take this 75 minutes to fully release whatever you are holding onto from your week and unwind into the yin energy.


- Thursdays -

6pm Communication for Connection - Skills for communicating across differences. Dive into one skill each week and practice them in a supportive community.

All offerings are in person and a part of the CONNECT membership program, though class passes and drop-in passes are available.


We look forward to learning with all of you!

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