Congratulations! You have captured the Beginning of the Trail Quest Badge! 

It's up to you whether you want to keep your badge and what you do with it.

It is highly recommended that you decorate it and make it yours in some way to

acknowledge (through the act of art-making) your entry into this transformational journey. 


You may print it out and add it to your Hero's Journey Trail Guide.

"What's the Hero's Journey Trail Guide?" Great question!

At the Beginning of the Trail, we mentioned that a binder is recommended to collect your work. This is where the binder comes in handy.


There are two perfect applications for your your Beginning of the Trail badge:

1) An 8.5"x11" marker for the Beginning of your Hero's Journey Trail Guide, after your Cover (which we'll talk about more later)

2) a smaller version (1"x1") to add to a "Flags and Badges" page, tracking your accomplishments throughout the Game. 

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