A note from Liberty

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Thank you for visiting this page and being curious about how to create more of the life, and the world, that you want to live in. I am passionate about supporting individuals and communities in reaching their full creative potential of liberation at all steps of their journey. In my coaching and organizing practices alike I encourage my clients to connect with themselves and their natural creative gifts to cultivate more balance and authenticity.

When I was young I connected deeply to the forest near my house. I marveled at its beauty and abundance, like a perfect work of art. I observed how everything was in a constant balancing act and beings used their niches to produce their unique artful phenomena. Since then, the line between art and nature, and therefore my creative process, blurred. A fellow artist, Binah Zing, encouraged me living life like a master art piece and to embrace the full color, depth and magic available to me.

In addition to 15 years of experiencing organizing beautiful spaces for creative lives, I have 10 years of experience as a community builder co-creating healthier communication and creative processes in groups. Through world travels, art business, organizing (homes, community spaces and grassroots efforts), performance and activism, I have supported many people and organizations to realize their dreams and full potential in fun, playful and creativity-infused exploration. I am particularly grateful for my service at MESD Outdoor School program, Occupy Portland University & "Our School," Community Supported Everything, and residency at Tryon Life Community Farm. Volunteer work at P:ear, a non-profit serving houseless and transitional youth, the Independent Publishing Resources Center (IPRC), and Respond to Racism in LO inspire me to provide quality and equitable service to people from all intersections of society. 

Currently, I am studying at Pacifica Graduate Institute pursuing an MA/PhD in Depth Psychology specializing in community liberation psychology. This has roots in indigenous (eco) psychology with a focus on decoloniality. Please ask me questions about this, as it is my passion!

I have engaged in extensive training to prepare me for my role: 

  • BS in Liberal Studies at PSU with an emphasis integrating physical sciences and art for social change

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher training at the Lotus Seed in Portland, Oregon (RYT 200)

  • Transform Coaching Academy

  • Mindfulness, Relationship and Embodiment training from the Hakomi Institute of Oregon and META

  • Creativi-Chi- creativity cultivation intensive with Michele Greco CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

  • 1 year of counseling training at Lewis & Clark including Expressive Arts Therapy, Critical Psychology and Diversity & Social Justice

  • Interrupting Racism Workshop with Resolutions NW

  • Institutional Racism Workshop at Activists Mobilizing for Power conference

  • Burning Times Never Ended intensive with Rain Crowe

  • Professional organizer training

I am passionate about shepherding harmony within the inter-connectedness of all things and work closely with natural metaphors, ancient wisdom, and creative exercises to guide the coaching process. I allow the flexibility of creativity while supporting the process of each client’s unique transformation.

I was born and raised in the fertile lands of the Chinook peoples, often known as the Willamette Valley, but recently moved to St. Louis where I now live with my partner and sweet pup, Onni. I cherish my non-human relationships, non-English languages, tea, pressing flowers and supporting the emergence and flourishing of land-based community projects.

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Among the many muses that move my work, music is among the most potent. Music is the most definite way for her to connect with spirit and emotion, to express true feelings and to integrate the process of growth. I draw my inspiration from the birds, flower, natural phenomena, and human will for freedom and justice. I am currently committed to two groups, self-led Liberty Awakening and a duo, Medicine Web, with my partner, Dakota Gonzalez.



The practice of creating and sharing art is at the heart of my work. The majority of my portfolio consists of custom works for grassroots organizations as well as many series of art and craft for personal growth and expression as well as to deepen relationships with nature. I enjoy working with pressed leaves and flowers as well as a variety of other mediums including pen and ink, watercolor, photography and mixed media.