Holistic Creative Life Coaching

I work with creative change agents who struggle with overwhelm, lack of focus and burnout to develop balance between giving and growing so that you can powerfully give your gifts and grow confidently into the superhero that you are. 

In Holistic Creative Life Coaching we look at the whole garden of your life and invite you to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What keeps me in balance with my natural creative cycles?
2. How can I compost that which no longer serves me and cultivate my dreams?
3. What rhythm works for me to sustainably harvest and share my unique gifts?

Through regular coaching sessions over a period of time, you will experience custom support and quicker transformation in your life that you’ve ever imagined.

We will collaborate so that you can:

  • Get clear about what you really want and how you can get there.

  • Transform old patterns that get in the way of you realizing your dreams.

Inspire the change you’ve needed to get unstuck, express yourself more fully than ever before... and finally take steps towards achieving your goals!


Social Equity Scholarship Fund

In an effort to provide equitable service and opportunities to those with less access to personal development services, my coaching packages are offered on a sliding scale, with any amount over the low end of the scale going into a social equity scholarship fund for houseless, transitional and low-income creative change agents. I see you and support you and so does this community!

It is also possible to donate directly to the fund. Please click the link below to find out how to donate to the scholarship fund or apply for a scholarship. 


Recent scholarship winner:

Grange Prasadam

"Working with Awakening Creatives is helping me move further past street life and into a life of transformative social and environmental justice for the world. This scholarship is helping me do all this. Aho!  Hare Krsna! Justicia y paz a todos los pueblos del mundo!"
-Grange Prasadam, Pacific Northwest

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Sessions are 30 minute in duration conducted over the phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom depending on availability


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  • Observe and transform existing patterns
  • Expand your experience of success
  • Develop a project or idea you care about
  • Connect to an online community of others

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